Massive Site Update!!!

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Massive Site Update!!!

It’s been a while, but is back in full force.  It’s sporting a new layout with tons of new content and features.  It’s even friendly to any size browser window – go ahead shrink and expand your browser and watch adapt for your viewing pleasure and browsing ease.


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Who Will Be the Next to Go?

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Who Will Be the Next to Go?

Who do you think is going to bite the dust next?










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Mobile Site Up and Running!!!

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Mobile Site Up and Running!!!

I know that this site can be a pain in the you know what if you’re on a smaller device.  I typically use an iPad, and when I just want to read stuff I prefer mobile sites because they get rid of all the clutter.  I know that when I view this site on an iPhone/iPod I just want to rip my hair out because they are not friendly with heavy content sites.

That is why I created a mobile version for all our viewers who use mobile devices.  If you prefer to view the site as non-mobile that’s ok – it won’t hurt my feelings.  If you do view it normal, you can always go to the bottom of any page and reselect mobile mode.  You can save the link to the desktop of your iPhone, and you will get this totally amazing icon that will take you straight to

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Weekly Deadletter!!!

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Weekly Deadletter!!!

I am starting a new feature for this site – a newsletter.

Registered users will get a weekly newsletter of some of the most recent posts.  If you want to be a part of it, then just register here.  If you don’t want to be a part of it, simply unsubscribe with the link at the bottom of the newsletter.

I hope you all like it.  Thanks, and take care.

The Walking Dead Rumor Roundup #2

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The Walking Dead Rumor Roundup #2
It’s time for another Rumors Roundup brought to you by (also




Spoiler Alerts! You’ve been warned…







  1. Season 3
  2. New Characters
  3. Much more Intense than the First Half
  4. New Threats
  5. The Return of Morgan Jones
  6. Lots of Death
  7. Death of Shane?


1.  Season 3

While we all knew that season 3 was coming, we recently heard the news that it will contain 16 episodes – up from 13 during season 2.  There will also be a long break about half way through just like this season.  Also, 16 will most likely be the limit per season.


2.  New Characters

First off, there will be new characters.  My guess is that most of them aren’t people that the group will be excited to meet.  Here is a quote from producer Gale Hurd:

We’re going to encounter new survivors and what does that mean to the group? In addition to the conflict over the leadership of Team Rick vs. Team Shame and the triangle between Lori, Rick and Shane. We’re going to encounter people who are survivors that are they a new threat? Can they offer some sort of salvation?

This was followed up by Robert Kirkman with this:

I don’t want to reveal too much but I would say that it would be fairly unusual for those two people to be out there alone.  Anyone who’s familiar with the comic book series knows that while the zombies are threatening and terrifying and do represent a tremendous amount of danger for our characters, nothing compares to the danger that humans hold for each other. That’s a big theme that we deal with in the comic book series and that’s something that we’re moving towards in the show as well. The capacity for humans to hurt each other is just infinite. As we explore this world in a broader sense and kind of open things up outside the farm in these episodes coming up, we’re going to see that there are some tremendous threats out there and they’re human in nature, not zombie.

Also, Michonne will probably not be making an appearance this season.  Both Robert Kirkman and Gale Hurd have made this fairly clear:

Robert Kirkman

“I can say that’s definitely a character [Michonne] we want to work into the show at some point in the future. Whether that happens this season, I don’t really know.”

Gale Hurd

“And one of the most kick ass characters from the comic book is Michonne, a samurai sword wielding woman, who will be introduced in future seasons.”

Also, the latest sneak peek of “Nebraska” shows two new characters.  Perhaps one of them is Randal as reported in the previous Rumors Roundup?



3.  Much More Intense than the First Half

All the interviews with the cast and crew are basically saying the same thing – stuff is about to get crazy.  Here are a few quotes from various interviews:

Robert Kirkman

“In the second half, after this hiatus, people are done talking,” he said. “It’s all kind of firecrackers from here on out.” 

You have to build up what they have before you can take it away. That’s really what makes the story more interesting.

The dynamics among the members of the group are beginning to fester and beginning to build to a climax.

Glen Mazzara

I think that things pick up. I think it just becomes more, I don’t know what the word is, accelerated. The stakes are higher, more action packed, more interesting.

Greg Nicotero

“We’re picking up the pieces and you may not necessarily put the same piece back where it was pre-Sophia reveal.  It sets into motion the entire second season.”


4.  New Threats

There isn’t too much to say about this topic other than there will be new threats that the group encounters.  This is something that has come up in nearly every recent interview with people tied into the show.

What will this new threat be?  My guess is that it will be other people, not other walkers.  People familiar with the comic books know that living people, not dead people, are the biggest concern as time passes.


5.  The Return of Morgan Jones

It is also clear that Morgan will be making his way back into the story, but not this season.  It might not even be in season 3 depending on where the show goes.  However, Robert Kirkman had this to say: 

“That character is out there. That’s a plot point that we don’t want to leave dangling too long but it’s got to make sense for the story for that to come back. That’s something we’re going to be working towards.”

Greg Mazzara followed that up with:

“Right, if we do bring him back, it would be in a significant way…”

Anyone familiar with the comics knows how this turns out, but seeing as how the show and comics have significant differences his fate might turn out differently.


6.  Lots of Death

This is something that I can not confirm, but I can say will most likely be the case for a few reasons.  First, Robert Kirkman had this to say in an interview: 

“No, I think everybody’s pretty committed to killing people on this show. It’ll be a while before we start thinking, “Well, we might as well let some people live, we’ve put these guys through some horrible things.” If anything, if I were to criticize the first season at all—which I think went great—I would say, “I wish we had killed more people.”

Any fan of the comic knows that no characters are safe.  Kirkman loves killing off some of the seemingly essential characters.

Then I came across this in Twitter (follow on twitter – @twdrumors) from Bear McCreary, the shows composer:

Who knows what these tears will be, but my guess is they are for the loss of a major character.

Less than a month later I saw this from MTV’s Kara Warner

“Holy chills & death count” – Yikes!

Also – note that the dates of these Tweets are post-episode 7, which aired on November 27.


7.  Death of Shane 

It’s looking like Jon Bernthal (Shane) might be reuniting with Frank Darabont on his new television series “L.A. Noire” airing on TNT.  It was reported a while back that one of the characters wanted off the show because of Darabont’s firing.  Is Bernthal that character.

Also, the comic readers know that he doesn’t last very long in the story.



Other than that, I’m not sure what to report.  You can always check out our previous Rumors Roundup to see what else is predicted, and please let us know if there is anything we are missing.

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AMC to Marathon ‘The Walking Dead’ on New Year’s Eve

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AMC to Marathon ‘The Walking Dead’ on New Year’s Eve

AMC has the answer to your last-minute plans for New Year’s Eve: The Walking Dead.

The cable network will marathon every episode of its hit zombie series on New Year’s Eve, starting with the Season 1 pilot, titled “Days Gone By” at 11 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 31. STORY: ‘The Walking Dead’ Dissection: Robert Kirkman Talks Death and What’s Ahead Leading up to the midnight showing of Season 2’s shocking midseason finale, titled “Pretty Much Dead Already,” all 13 episodes of the series based on the comics by Robert Kirkman will be televised back-to-back. PHOTOS: Behind-the-Scenes of ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 2 Starring Andrew Lincoln, Jon Bernthal and Norman Reedus, the second half of the drama about a ragtag group of strangers who survive the zombie apocalypse returns Feb. 12. Will you ring in the New Year with the undead?

Source:  The Hollywood Reporter

The Walking Dead Rumor Roundup (mid-season 2)

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The Walking Dead Rumor Roundup (mid-season 2)
There has been quite a bit of info floating around out there, but what should we make of it? (yes, the short link works too!) will put it all together for you in our first ever Rumor Roundup


Spoiler Alerts! You’ve been warned…






1.  Darker

If you’re reading this it comes as no surprise that Sophia is now dead.  The only spot of hope left for the characters was finding her alive and well.  Not only is she dead, but it was Rick who had to de-zombify her with a bullet to the head.  Up until this point, Rick was the one holding the group together – but I imagine that his world was just thrown through into a spin, and his decision-making skills won’t be the same.

Norman Reedus also had this to say about the show during a recent interview:

It’s about to get even darker,” the actor said. “For everybody.”

“Sophia represented this other way of life to Daryl.  She was his hope for a new new beginning. If he could find this little girl, he could put a lot behind him… with that gone, let’s just say Daryl is gonna be really pissed.”

Does her death signal the end of farm life for this cast of survivors?

“I think it’s kaput, yes,” Reedus said.

Those of you who have read the comic books know that they weren’t at the farm for very long.  They were off on the road having some tough times.  If the comics are any indicator of the direction the show will be taking I think we surely can see some darker times ahead. 


2.  Rick & Shane Relationship

Rick now knows about Shane and Lori, and we should probably expect Rick telling Shane that he knows about the affair.  This alone is going to change the dynamics of that relationship.  On top of that, Jon Bernthal (Shane) was quoted as saying that the trio’s relationship will become “very explosive.”

Bernthal also mentioned “that Rick is going to prove that he’s very much capable of keeping these people alive.

What that does to Shane is really, really interesting. You want somebody to be a certain way, and then they prove that they actually are that way, and what happens then can be very explosive.”

Perhaps his most ominous words from the interview are that once Shane “gets an idea in his head and he believes it as gospel, he’ll go to the death to defend that.”

You can also take note of the sneak peak of ‘Nebraska’ where Shane is giving it to Rick right after the barn massacre. We will just have to wait and see what happens in the rest of Season 2, but rest assured that Rick and Shane’s friendship won’t so friendly anymore.


3.  New Characters 

Michonne – While this might only be a made up story from an extra on TWD, it does seem promising.  Not only that, but Robert Kirkman said that new characters would be coming this season when asked about Michonne and the Governor.  I won’t ruin it for those of you who haven’t read the comics, but I will say that I am incredibly excited to see her.

Randal – Rumored that he will be played by Michael Zegen.  He is described as a skinny, southern, 19-20 year old male with a deep well of emotion.  He is supposedly going to appear in 4 episodes starting with the 10th, other than that I have no clue.


4.  Jenner’s Secret

Robert Kirkman stated on ‘The Talking Dead’ that Jenner’s secret will be revealed.  We can only assume that he told Rick about Lori being pregnant – maybe even that the baby was Shane’s.  It would explain why Rick answered Lori by saying “I know,” when she told him she was having a baby.


People have also been saying that it might have to do with Rick being immune, but wouldn’t Jenner have tried to study him if that were true.  Also, that would be way too different from the comic books.

As I am writing this it just occurred to me that Jenner could be telling him that they are all infected and will turn to walkers after they die.  He does tell Rick that there will be a day when he won’t be grateful anymore.  He also gave them all blood tests.  This also ties into the comics extremely well.


5.  Where To? 

This is only speculation, but my guess is that they would be off to the prison (from the comics) relatively soon.  It’s clear from the sneak peak of ‘Nebraska’ that Hershell doesn’t want them around anymore.  Combine that with Reedus flat out saying that they weren’t going to stay there any longer and I would say leaving the farm is a safe bet.  It would also justify Reedus’ comments about the show become much darker.

In the comics they do stop in a neighborhood along the way to the prison, but I’m guessing that the writers covered that when Shane and Andrea went around looking for Sophia and had their little zombie massacre.


6.  Done Filming Season 2

Gale Anne Hurd stated “We’ve finished shooting for the season & actors have returned home,” on her Twitter feed 

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Getting Started

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Getting Started

Thanks for checking out the site, and don’t worry – there is plenty more to come.

I started out watching the show, and immediately became hooked. Then, after the mid-season finale of season 2, I was craving more Walking Dead like the rest of you. If you’re anything like me, you were probably searching all over the internet to get rumors and news about the rest of the season just to find out where it was heading. I noticed that info was sparse and hard to find, so I figured I’d make a site with a collection of the best things out there. I know AMC has a blog, and I know that there are a few sites out there already covering some of this stuff, but I just didn’t think it was enough. AMC isn’t going to post rumors and other inside info, and some of the other sites weren’t updated enough and just didn’t have enough info, so I went ahead with this one.

Also, I’m all finished with the comics so far, but I’m not sure as to how much comic stuff I’m going to post here. If people really want comic info, then I can post some stuff. But to be honest, I’m not sure how much info there is out there seeing as its all done by pretty much one person. There is a forum, and people can always feel free to post about the comics there.

If there is anything that you’d like added or fixed let me know. Like I said, this is just getting started, but I really would like it to become the place to go if you’re looking for Walking Dead info. Thanks.