Lori Grimes

Lori Grimes, portrayed by Sarah Wayne Callies, is the wife of Rick and the mother of Carl in the AMC television series The Walking Dead.


Lori fled her hometown, believing her husband to be dead, with Rick’s sheriff’s deputy partner Shane and her son Carl in search of safety and sanity amongst their new terrifying surroundings.

After thinking that her husband was dead, Lori started having sexual relations with Shane.  Her full motivations for doing this remain unclear, but they were most likely a mix of loneliness and wanting to attach herself to a strong protector for the sake of her and her son.  Although, she and Rick were having marital difficulties before the zombies took over.

Once Lori discovers that Rick is alive and that Shane lied about Rick being dead (although he thought he was as good as dead) she ends the relationship and tells Shane to stay away from her and her family.

When the group flees their RV camp site and takes shelter inside the CDC, Shane, in a drunken state, comes very close to sexually assaulting Lori.  In Season 2, Lori is in a bad mental state when she considers letting Carl die from a gunshot wound rather than have him live and spend his life in such a bleak apocalypse.  Irony then bites Lori in the ass when she discovers she’s pregnant.  Lori attempted to end the pregnancy with a “morning after” pill, but then couldn’t go through with it and wound up spitting the pill back up.  After telling Rick about her situation, she discovered that Rick already had suspicions about her and Shane during the time when she and Shane thought Rick was dead.


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