The Walking Dead Season 4 premiere is still two months away, but one question that a lot of fans seem to be asking is: When are Daryl and Carol going to hook up?

Daryl and Carol: Meant to be?

It’s hard to believe, but back in the first season, Daryl (Norman Reedus) was portrayed as a mean, squirrel-hunting hick. He was only out for himself (OK, and maybe his brother) and didn’t give a rat’s butt about anybody else.

Back then, Carol (Melissa McBride) was portrayed as the meek wife of an abusive husband, whose only thought was to keep her little girl alive.

Cut to last season and both characters have changed a lot. Daryl is now a guy who is a full member of the group and often takes on a leadership role with Rick when it’s necessary. For her part, Carol (who sadly lost her daughter to the walkers), is now a strong member of the group as well and isn’t afraid to fight for anything.

Throughout the seasons, fans have watched as Daryl and Carol have grown closer. They’ve savored every scene that the two characters shared that could be seen as romantic and are now clamoring for Daryl and Carol to finally hook up.

Daryl could end up with… Beth??

While it’s possible that fans will finally see a Daryl and Carol hookup in Season 4, some recent (and disturbing) news has come to light that may put out those Daryl and Carol romantic flames.

First of all, there’s the way that Norman Reedus answered a question about Beth. When asked by how he would feel about a Daryl and Beth hookup, Reedus said, “I can’t tell you that, but god she’s cute, so fingers crossed.”

Plus, there’s a little moment in The Walking Dead Season 4 trailer that seems to suggest that those two characters might be getting closer. Check out the moment at the 3:52 mark and see what you think.

What does this mean? Could it just be that Beth is simply going to have a crush on Daryl? That could make sense given that she is, after all, just a teenager on the show. Or could it be that something more serious could happen between them?

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