Debunked Daryl Death

Of course Daryl, played by Norman Reedus, has a level of popularity on The Walking Dead that rivals leader Rick Grimes. Although he started the series as a bit of an outcast, made more so after his brother Merele was handcuffed to a pipe on top of a building and left to die. Over time Daryl has become a steadfast member of the crew of survivors and right hand man to Rick through thick and thin.

Rumors of the untimely demise of Daryl began circulating during season one when photoshopped images of him along with the rest of the TWD cast as zombies surfaced and spread like wildfire across the horror websites and blogs. The latest, we have determined, is not a photoshopped likeness of Reedus but rather an actual movie still. Take a look for yourself:

False spoiler pic of Daryl from The Walking Dead's death by hanging

There is some incredibly good news about this rendering of “Daryl” hanging and disemboweled – it is not from The Walking Dead. This is Norman Reedus alright, but in the 2009 film Pandorum starring Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster. There are some related images below of Reedus in this film, including one hanging image that is much more clear of Reedus, but also makes it more obvious that he is not Daryl from TWD. No wonder this one didn’t circulate. Consider the spoiler of Daryl’s death by hanging myth DEBUNKED!


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